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Are my equipment and CDs covered?

Property Plus coverage provides insurance coverage for any office or DJ equipment, CDs, KDs, and Vinyls, up to the specified value, against all risks of direct physical damage from any external cause, except those which are specifically excluded. The coverage is provided on a replacement cost basis (new for old), and contains a $250 per loss deductible ($500 per loss deductible for loss of CDs, KDs and Vinyls due to theft). The policy includes coverage for loss due to fire, windstorm, theft, earthquake, flood, vandalism and other perils which are not excluded. Rental Reimbursement coverage is also provided. For more details read the Coverage Summary


What if I have an employee dishonesty problem?
Crime Plus covers many things useful to any DJ (with or without employees) or other individuals operating DJ owned equipment or setups. It also provides coverage for moneys that may be collected at the venue site. Because dishonest acts of employees (such as theft of all of the DJ equipment by an employee) are excluded from the property policy, Crime Plus was created to fill this coverage gap. Crime Plus has several other coverages important to any DJ operation, whether or not there are employees.


As a DJ, Why would I need Liability, shouldn't the venue carry this policy?
As a DJ you may have single or multiple setups with employees. Liability Insurance covers any DJ operating a single or multiple setups and is extended to any employee of the named insured including other employed DJs operating a setup on behalf of the named insured DJ.




Please note that all coverage is subject to specific conditions, exclusions, limits, deductibles and restrictions.