wedding Insurance AND PRIVATE EVENT INSURANCE - Starting at $95

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This wedding and private event insurance is offered
through R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc., who is a pioneer
in offering wedding coverage specifically tailored to each
of their client's needs, while still offering the lowest cost., a newly launched site from RVNA is tailored for
anyone hosting a wedding or other private event including
a birthday party, bar or bat mitzvah, anniversary and more.

You won't find a better carrier to insure your wedding
or private event and the new website, is
not only beautiful but comprehensive. It will answer everything
you have ever wanted to know about wedding insurance.

Wedsure is by far the best insurance available for weddings with
up to nine optional coverages so you can tailor your coverage
exactly to your needs.


Nine Optional Coverages:
Personal Liability


Loss of Deposits

Professional Counseling

Rented Property

Special Attire


Wedsure is the only site to offer Change of Heart.





Venue Handout

Attn: Venues/Event Sites

Make it easy for your special event clients to fulfill your insurance requirements.


Print copies of our flyer to hand to your special event clients at the time they rent your facility.


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